Caput Lecture Course
Cosmic Web
February-March 2011
University Groningen

    Rien van de Weygaert,

                      ZG 186,   tel. 3634086,


The lecture schedule will be:

      Monday    09:00-10:45       hoorcollege/lecture               ZG 257     
         Tuesday   09:00-10:45       hoorcollege/lecture               ZG161     
         Thursday  11:00-12:45      werkcollege/tutorials            ZG161     


Required Knowledge:

You certainly should have followed the basic lecture course "Cosmology".
Although it will be helpful when you have followed "Large Scale Structure", this is not a requisite. I will provide an overview of the most crucial aspects in the first lecture week.


The exam will be in the form of a presentation and (critical) report (20 pages) on a particular topic and/or key scientific publication.


The course will be based on sets of summerschool lecture notes

Lecture Notes & Exam Material:

The course is based upon the lecture notes. Below you find a listing of the notes.

      Clusters and the Theory of the Cosmic Web                    pdf
         van de Weygaert & Bond 2008a;
         A Pan-Chromatic View of Clusters and the Large-Scale Structure;
         Lecture notes in Physics 740;
         eds. M. Plionis, O. Lopez-Cruz, D. Hughes

      Observations and Morphology of the Cosmic Web           pdf
         van de Weygaert & Bond 2008b;
         A Pan-Chromatic View of Clusters and the Large-Scale Structure;
         Lecture notes in Physics 740;
         eds. M. Plionis, O. Lopez-Cruz, D. Hughes

      Geometric Analysis of the Cosmic Web                            pdf
         van de Weygaert & Schaap 2009;
         Data Analysis in Cosmology;
         Lecture notes in Physics 665;
         eds. V. Martinez, E. Saar, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, M. Pons-Borderia

      Topology of Large Scale Structure                                   pdf
         Changbom Park, 2010;
         summerschool Redshift Survey and Large Scale Structure;
         NAOC, Bejing, June 2010;

      Statistical Analysis in Cosmology                                   pdf
         Francisco Kitaura (guest lecturer), 2011;

Lecture Schedule:
(provisional, changes possible)

Subject HoorcollegeDates
Subject Werkcollege

Feb 14 (c)

Feb 15 (c)
Introduction: :
Recapitulation Gravitational Instability
Gaussian Fluctuations
Power Spectrum

A Survey of the Web:
Redshift Surveys,
Filaments, Sheets & Voids,
Clusters of Galaxies

Feb. 17 (w)recapitulation
2 Feb 21 (c)

Feb 22 (c)
Lagrangian Views:
Zel'dovich formalism,
Adhesion approach
Geometric Models

no lecture

Feb 24 (w)
no lecture
3 Feb 28 (c)

Mar 1 (c)

Mar 3 (c)
Hierarchical Structure Formation:
Extended Press-Schechter theory
Peak & Void Patch Theory
the Cosmic Web Theory
Void Hierarchy
Web Hierarchy

Analysis of the Cosmic Web:
Morse Theory, Skeleton, SpineWeb
Multicale Morphology Filter
Gravitational Potential-based component analysis

Analysis of the Cosmic Web:
Minkowski Functionals
Homology, Persistence \& Alphashapes
Shape Finders

Mar 3 (w)

Presentations ?

3 Mar 7 (c)

Mar 8 (c)
the Gaseous Web:
Intergalactic Medium
Ly-alpha forest

Francisco Kitaura:
Reconstructions of the Cosmic Web
Mar 10 (w)