Lecture Course
University Groningen

     Reynier Peletier,
                  ZG 141,   tel. 3636647,

    Rien van de Weygaert,

                      ZG 186,   tel. 3634086,

Astronomy Then and Now

The lecture course Astronomy Then and Now will be taught to 2nd year Astronomy students, during the 3rd quarter. It consists of two parts:

      Wetenschap, ethiek, techniek en maatschappij (WeTEM)
                           Week 7-11 (except Mar. 6)
                           coord. dr. H. Mulder, drs. C. Ree

      Astronomy Project, Astronomy Then & Astronomy Now

                            Week 12-14 & Mar. 6
                            prof. dr. R. Peletier, prof. dr. R. van de Weijgaert

In the 2nd part the students will have to work on a common project around the theme of "Extrasolar Planets", defining their collaboration and working towards a website and presentation. Along with this they will follow five lectures on the History of Astronomy and three lectures on Techniques of Modern Astronomy.


      Tuesday Mar 18: because of low turn up, the lecture on Archaeoastronomy is shifted to following week
      Tuesday Mar 25: lecture archaeoastronomy (9:15-11:00)
      Thursday Mar 27: lecture ancient astronomy (12:15-14:00)


The lecture schedule will be:
     Tuesday 09:15-11:00     hoorcollege     ZG 161

     Tuesday 11:15-13:00     project           ZG161

     Thursday 12:15-14:00    hoorcollege    ZG 161

     Thursday 14:15-16:00    project          ZG 161

Lecture Notes:

Below you find a listing which will gradually be updated. You may download the pdf and ppt files.

Paradigm Shifts in Astronomy & Cosmology                      

      Astronomical Information                      

      Extrasolar Planet Research: a Review                      

Project: Extrasolar Planets

In lecture 1 (Mar. 6) we treated the various sources of information in astronomy and astrophysics. You can find the notes on this lecture in:

      Lect. 1: Astronomical Information                         ppt

The project topic will be on extrasolar planets. Each of the students is invited to choose one of the related aspects of extrasolar planet research. You have to plan and define your project in consultation with each of your fellow students: the total of all reports/presentations will be constitute the project. For more of the scientific information see the following presentation:

      Lect. 2: Extrasolar Planets                                     ppt

Lecture Schedule:

Subject HoorcollegeDates
Subject Werkcollege
7 Feb. 14

Astronomical Paradigm Shifts:
10 Mar 6
Extrasolar Planets:
Exoplanet Research: a Review

Mar. 6
Introduction Astronomy Project
Astronomical Information
Literature, Conferences, Colloquia etc.
12 Mar 18

Mar 20

Modern Astronomy: Databases
Mar 18

Mar 20
Projects: definition individual subprojects

Tutorial Databases
13 Mar 25

Mar 27

Astronomy & Cosmology in Antiquity
Mar 25

Mar 27

Project Progress
14 Apr. 1

Apr. 3

Apr. 3
Astronomy & the Scientific Revolution

Cosmology in the 19th & 20th century

Kapteyn & Dutch Astronomy till 1960
Apr 1

Apr 3
Progress presentations & webpages

Final Project Presentations