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Chronic sufferers of nostalgia will be unable to forget that Dave Stewart once played keyboards with Egg, Hatfield & The North, etc., and that Barbara Gaskin used to be vocalist of Canterbury folk-rock group Spirogyra. As we occasionally receive enquiries about these old bands, we have compiled the following list of currently available CD's, plus some tips on how to obtain them. We have not tried to research the availability of these albums on vinyl, as (i) by now, all the vinyl copies are scratched to hell (ii) life is too short. In any case, please note that WE CANNOT SUPPLY THESE DISCS - the rights are owned by powerful, inscrutable corporations like EMI and Polygram, who have their own peculiar release and distribution policies. It is they who decide, say, that an Egg CD will be released in Japan but not in England ... ours not to reason why. Please also note that, while we are happy to pass on relevant facts, we are not an information service. Therefore, if you have some obscure question about Kevin Ayers and The Wilde Flowers, far better to subscribe to one of the fanzines (addresses below) which deal with that style/era. Finally, we have no gig tapes, photos or videos of the old groups. Sorry!



EGG (1968-1972)
Dave Stewart (keys), Mont Campbell (bs/vocals), Clive Brooks (drs).
EGG (1969)                       UK (Deram 844 168-2), Japan (Deram POCD 1843)
THE POLITE FORCE (1970)          Japan (Deram POCD 1844) 
THE CIVIL SURFACE (1974)         UK (Virgin CACD 1510), Japan (Virgin VJD 5026)
'Civil Surface' was a reunion album recorded after Egg's split in '72, featuring hitherto unrecorded material from the band's live set. The UK CD version of 'Egg' includes 'Seven Is A Jolly Good Time' and 'You Are All Princes', 'A' & 'B' side of the group's only single.

Contact (1st 2 albums): John Tracy, Decca Records, Polygram International, 30 Berkeley Square, London W1X 5HA. Tel: 0171 493 8800
(Civil Surface) Virgin Records, Kensal House, 553-579 Harrow Road, London W10 4RH, Tel: 0181 968 6688.

Dave Stewart (Sam Lee-Uff) (keys), Steve Hillage (Simeon Sasparella) (gtr/vocals), Mont Campbell (Njerogi Gategaka) (bs/vocals), Clive Brooks (Basil Dowling) (drs).

ARZACHEL (1969)          UK (Drop Out Records DOCD 1983)
                         Germany (TRC Records 021) - both limited edition CD's
Effectively the only recording by Uriel, this is a one-off psychedelic album recorded in an afternoon by the Egg line-up plus erstwhile Uriel guitarist Steve Hillage. Contractual problems with Decca were avoided by the use of ridiculous pseudonyms - in Dave & Clive's case, the names of much hated school teachers. The 1994 re-release on 'Drop Out Records' (a division of Demon Records) features a detailed sleeve note by Dave Stewart.

Contact: Val Jennings, Demon Records, Canal House, Transport House, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9HF Tel: 0181 847 2481
Gunter Kopschinski, TRC Records, Sonnenallee 27, 12047 Berlin, Germany Tel: 030 624 9985

KHAN (1971 - 1972)
Steve Hillage (gtr/vocals), Nick Greenwood (later, Nigel Griggs) (bs/vocals), Eric Peachey (drs),
Dick Henningham (later, Dave Stewart) (keys).

SPACE SHANTY (1972)           UK (Deram 844 008-2) Japan (Deram POCD 1845)
Steve Hillage left Uriel in 1969 to go to Kent University, and in 1970 formed his own band Khan. Their debut (and only) album features Dave Stewart guesting on keyboards.

Contact: John Tracy, Decca Records (address above).

Dave Stewart (keys), Phil Miller (gtr), Richard Sinclair (bs/vocals), Pip Pyle (drs).

HATFIELD AND THE NORTH (1973)                Worldwide (Virgin CDV 2008)
THE ROTTERS' CLUB (1975)                     Worldwide (Virgin CDV 2030)
AFTERS (compilation)                         Not available on CD
CD version of debut LP includes 'Let's Eat (Real Soon)' and 'Fitter Stoke Has A Bath', 'A' & 'B' side of Hatfield's only single. 'The Rotters' Club' CD has 3 live bonus tracks previously only available on the vinyl-only 'Afters'. There is no material on 'Afters' which is not on one or other of the 2 CD's, so don't panic. In 1990, unable to refuse the large fee offered by a T.V. company, the band (minus Dave Stewart) re-formed to record a T.V. reunion show, most of which can be heard on a live album entitled 'Hatfield and The North - Live 1990' now available from Demon Records (address above). On this, Sophia Domancich (Pip Pyle's erstwhile girlfriend) plays keyboards.

Contact: Virgin Records (address above).

Dave Stewart, Alan Gowen (keys), Phil Miller (gtr), Neil Murray (later, John Greaves) (bs),
Amanda Parsons (vocals), Pip Pyle (drs).

NATIONAL HEALTH (1978)              UK & export (Charly/Decal CDLIK 66)
OF QUEUES AND CURES (1978)          UK & export (Charly/Decal CDLIK 70)
DS AL CODA (1981)                   UK & export (Voiceprint VP129CD)
NATIONAL HEALTH - COMPLETE) (1990)  USA/Canada (East Side Digital ESD 80402/412)
Born at the wrong time (1975), inept at gobbing and massively over-qualified in matters chordal , National Health struggled to gain support within the industry, and for a long time failed to find a record deal. By the time Charly Records stepped in with an offer to release the band's much-delayed debut album in 1977, the band had undergone several key changes of membership, resulting in a number of early compositions by Dave Stewart & Mont Campbell going unrecorded. (Although this is soon to be rectified - see note below) After Alan Gowen's untimely death from leukaemia in 1981, the band reformed to record a tribute album of his compositions, 'DS Al Coda', which has now finally been released in CD form by the excellent UK specialist label Voiceprint. For the committed collector, all 3 albums can be found in their entirety, augmented by some interesting bonus tracks, on the lovingly compiled 'National Health - Complete' double CD set. This comes with a lengthy tragi-comic history of the band written by Dave Stewart..

The good news for Health nostalgiacs is that, at long last, 50+ minutes of unreleased material, featuring a prototype line-up of the band - Stewart/Gowen/Miller/Parsons plus Mont Campbell (bs), Phil Lee (2nd gtr), Steve Hillage (guest 2nd gtr) & Bill Bruford (drs) is scheduled for release on East Side Digital in May 1996, under the title 'National Health - Missing Pieces'.

Contact: (1st. 2 albums): Charly Records, 156-166 Ilderton Road, London SE15 INT, Tel: 0171 639 8603
(National Health - Complete): East Side Digital, 530 North 3rd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA. Tel: 612 375 9162.

BRUFORD (1978-1980)
Bill Bruford (drs), Allan Holdsworth (later, John Clark) (gtr), Jeff Berlin (bs), Dave Stewart (keys).
(Annette Peacock (guest vocals) on 'Feels Good To Me' only)

FEELS GOOD TO ME (1978)         Japan/USA (EGCD 33)
ONE OF A KIND (1979)            Japan/USA (EGCD 40)
THE BRUFORD TAPES (live)(1979)  Japan (Virgin VJD 28054), Rest of World (EEGCD 6)
'Feels Good To Me' is a Bill Bruford solo LP on which Dave Stewart (then with National Health) appears on keyboards. In 1979 Bill & Dave formed 'Bruford', made 'One Of A Kind' with Allan Holdsworth on guitar, then 2 more albums with his replacement John Clark. The 4 albums were initially released in Japan only, but 'The Bruford Tapes' is out now worldwide, with the other 3 to follow.

Contact: Declan Coglan, Virgin Records (address above). Caroline Records Inc., 114 West 26th Street, New York, 10001, USA.

Dave Stewart (keys), Jakko Jakszyk (gtr/vocals), Rick Biddulph (bs), Pip Pyle (drs).

Short lived gigging band formed by Dave & Pip, recorded only demos - even these were incomplete! Consequently, no records or CD's available.


SPIROGYRA (1969-1974)
Barbara Gaskin (vocals), Martin Cockerham (gtr/vocals), Julian Cusack (vln/keys), Steve Borrill (bs),
plus guests Dave Mattacks (drs - all 3 albums) and Mark Francis (gtr - 2nd album only)

ST. RADIGUND'S (1972)               Germany (Repertoire Records RR 4070-WZ)
                                    Korea   (Si-Wan Records SRM 5005)
OLD BOOT WINE (1972)                Germany (Repertoire Records REP 4132-WY)
                                    Korea   (Si-Wan Records SRM 5006)
BELLS, BOOTS AND SHAMBLES (1973)    Germany (Repertoire Records RR 4137-WZ)
                                    Korea   (Si-Wan Records SRM 5007)
Not to be confused with the US jazz-rock outfit of the same name, Spirogyra was a folk-rock band formed by students at Kent University, Canterbury. The 3 albums lay dormant through the 80's, but have now been reissued - the Korean editions (amazingly) are available on both CD and vinyl LP, the latter in a 3 box set with 70's-style gate fold sleeves and a poster!

Contact: Repertoire Records - Kumburger & Neelsen oHG, Gansemarkt 24, 2000 Hamburg 36, Germany, Tel: 040 34 6878, 040 34 0732, 040 34 2615.
Si-Wan Seong, Si-Wan Records Ltd., # 203 Dongwoo Building, 503-13 Changchun-Dong, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea. Tel: (822) 325 3544/6 Fax: (822) 338 3122.

RED ROLL-ON (1979-1981)
Barbara Gaskin (keys/vocals), Belinda James (gtr/vocals), Jane Wilkes (vocals), Angela Duignan (bs/vocals), Germaine Dolan (drs/vocals).

On returning from a 3 1/2 year trip to India, Indonesia & Japan, Barbara was invited to join this all-female Canterbury band by drummer Germaine Dolan. Red Roll-On played plenty of gigs, but never recorded an album - only recorded work (other than demos) were 2 songs on the 'First Offenders' Canterbury local bands compilation album (Criminal Records, 1981) now deleted, not available on CD.


GILGAMESH (1973-1978)
Alan Gowen (keys), Phil Lee (gtr), Jeff Clyne (later, Hugh Hopper) (bs), Mike Travis (later, Trevor Tomkins) (drs).

GILGAMESH (1975)                          Japan (Virgin VJCP 2534)
(c/w SOFT HEAP) (1978)                    Japan (Charly/Century 29ED 6032)
Alan Gowen's main project before founding National Health with Dave Stewart in 1975. 2nd album is bracketed together with album by 'Soft Heap', a blowing band formed by Alan (keys) with Elton Dean (sax), Hugh Hopper (bs) and Pip Pyle (drs).

Contact (Gilgamesh): Virgin Records (address above).
(Another Fine Tune): Charly Records (address above).


with Hugh Hopper(bs)
TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (USA & export)               Cuneiform Records (Rune77)
with Richard Sinclair (bs), Phil Miller (gtr), Trevor Tomkins (drs)
BEFORE A WORD IS SAID (1981) (UK & export)      Voiceprint (VP130CD)
Strangely enough, these two albums have finally appeared on CD within days of each other, having been unavailable for years. The duo album 'Two Rainbows Daily' features some very nimble and intuitive playing, and is now out on Cuneiform Records. 'Before A Word Is Said', the last album Alan recorded, is now released on Voiceprint at the same time as the National Health musical tribute to Gowen, 'D.S. Al Coda'.

Cuneiform Records, P.O. Box 8427, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8427, USA. Fax (301) 589 1819
Voiceprint, P.O. Box 5, Derwentside, County Durham, DH9 7HR, England. Tel: (0191)512 1103 Fax: (0191)512 1104


CUTTING BOTH WAYS (1987)                USA (Cuneiform Rune 11 CD), Japan (Virgin VJCP 25065)
SPLIT SECONDS (1988)                    Worldwide excl.Japan (Reckless CD Reck 8), 
                                        Japan (Virgin VJCP 25067)
IN CAHOOTS LIVE 86-89 (1991)            France/Europe (Mantra O60), Japan (Virgin VJCP 28081)
DIGGING IN (1991)                       USA (Cuneiform Rune 34 CD), Japan (Virgin VJCP 28089)
DOUBLE UP (1992)                        UK & export (Crescent Discs CD1 CD)
IN CAHOOTS LIVE IN JAPAN (1993)         UK & export (Crescent Discs CD2 CD)
IN CAHOOTS-RECENT DISCOVERIES(1994)     UK & export (Crescent Discs CD3 CD) 
Phil's band 'In Cahoots' (featuring Elton Dean (sax), Pete Lemer/Steve Franklin (keys), Hugh Hopper/Fred Baker (bass), Pip Pyle (drs) and newest member Jim Dvorak (tpt)) have been gigging since 1984, and appear on 5 of Phil's 7 solo albums. On 'Digging In', Phil took a different approach, overdubbing Fred Baker & Pete Lemer on material programmed by him and Pip Pyle. The results show that MIDI sequencing and intelligent composing can go together. 'Double Up' is a duo album with Fred Baker (bass).

All of Phil's CD's are available in the UK from: Crescent Discs, 29a Colvestone Crescent, London E8 2LG, UK. Tel: 071 254 1390.
Crescent Discs also operate a newsletter service giving details of Phil's activities.
Cuneiform Records (address above)
Reckless Records, 79 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0NU, Tel: 0171 359 0501
Reckless Records, 1401 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA, Tel: (415) 431 3434.


UP - L'EQUIP OUT (1991)       France (Gimini Music 3 TMR 301)
Pip has been living in Paris since the early '80's, and has worked with Sophia Domancich (pno) and his own band L'Equip Out. (Trans: The Out Team). He is currently working on an epic solo album with a deranged pop slant which will feature contributions from many of his collaborators, past and present!

Gimini Music, 42 rue de la Republique, 94430 ChenneviŠres, France. Tel: (1) 45 76 13 72, Fax: (1) 45 76 72 28.
Pip Pyle and Sophia Domancich's CD's are available in the UK from Crescent Discs (address above), who also operate a Pip Pyle newsletter service.


SHORT WAVE - LIVE (1993)       France (Gimini Music GM1003)
Yet another Miller/Pyle pairing, this CD features the quartet of Phil, Pip, Didier Malherbe (flt/sax) and Hugh Hopper (bass) recorded live in France.

CD available from Crescent Discs (UK) and Gimini Music (France), addresses above.

PARROT FASHIONS                   Not available on CD
Label La Lichere/S.A.A.T.P., 9 Rue des Apennins, 75017 Paris, France.
(with Peter Blegvad)
KEW RHONE                         Worldwide (Virgin CDV 2082)
THE LODGE                         Worldwide (Island/Antilles ANCD 8711)
Island Records/Antilles, 22 St Peter's Square, Hammersmith, London W6 9NW, Tel: 0181 741 1511.


AN EVENING OF MAGIC (1993)                       Italy & export (Mellow Records MMP 160),
                                                 UK & export (HTD Records HTD CD17)
R.S.V.P. (1994)                                  UK & export (Sinclair Songs, R.S.S. CD001)
Richard's first solo CD releases since Hatfield & The North split in 1975. Caravan of Dreams is Richard (vocals, gtr.), Andy Ward (drums) and Rick Biddulph (bass), with guest appearances by Dave Sinclair (keyboards, both albums) and Jimmy Hastings (flute - 'Caravan Of Dreams' album only). 'An Evening of Magic' (double CD) features the group live in Gerona, Italy, and is a chance to hear some old favourites like 'Golf Girl', 'Share It' and 'Oh Caroline' again. 'R.S.V.P.' is a Richard Sinclair solo studio album with guest appearances by a whole host of Canterbury-related musicians: Didier Malherbe, Tony Coe, Jimmy Hastings, Hugh Hopper, Andy Ward, Pip Pyle and U.S. keyboardist Kit Watkins. The Canterbury Sound lives on.

Contact Heather Kinnear, Sinclair Songs, P.O. Box 326, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7GB, UK, for mail order and band newsletter details - send self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply.

HTD Records, 70 Bridgen Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1JG, UK. Tel: 0181 298 7806
Mellow Records, Via F.lli Asquasciati 68, 18038 Sanremo, Italy. Tel: 184 50 89 00 Fax: 184 53 18 25


EARTHWORKS (1987)                           Worldwide (Editions EG, EEGCD 48)
DIG? (1989)                                 Worldwide (Editions EG, EEGCD 60)
ALL HEAVEN BROKE LOOSE (1991)               Worldwide (Editions EG, EEG 2103-2)
EARTHWORKS LIVE - STAMPING GROUND (1993)    Worldwide (Virgin CDVE 922)
All 4 CD's distributed in the UK & Japan by Virgin Records and in the USA by Caroline Records, both addresses above. Earthworks consists of Bill(drs), Django Bates (keys), Iain Ballamy (sax) and Mick Hutton (later, Tim Harries) (bs). Truly 'progressive' (ie, doesn't sound like progressive music circa 1972), electronic and jazzy.

Contact: Bill Bruford via Richard Chadwick, Opium Arts, 49 Portland Road, London W11 4LJ, Tel: 0171 229 5080, Fax: 0171 229 4841

NEIL (Nigel Planer)

The gormless hippy from T.V.'s 'The Young Ones' joined forces with Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin in 1984 to record an amusing version of Traffic's 'Hole In My Shoe'. The single's inevitable chart success spawned a further collaboration, the magnificent 'Neil's Heavy Concept Album', now available on CD after years of wrangling with Warner's legal breadheads.

NEIL'S HEAVY CONCEPT ALBUM (1984)           Europe (East West 4509-94852-2)
Contact: East West, Electric Lighting Station, 46 Kensington Court, London W8 5DP, Tel: 0171 938 2181

We have striven for accuracy when compiling this list, but unfortunately the sleeve notes which accompany some of the CD re-releases contain historical errors and misleading non-facts.


The following folk are all musically active in the 90's:

Information on the Henry Cow dynasty, and indeed, a whole host of weird & wonderful global musical exotica, can be obtained from Chris Cutler, RéR Megacorp, 79 Beulah Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8JG.

Contact G.A.S. (Gong Appreciation Society), P.O. Box 871, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9FE, UK. Daevid Allen's recent CD's (and stuff by Robert Wyatt and a whole host of Canterbury-related musicians) can be obtained from Voiceprint (UK record company - see MAIL ORDER section).

Jakko, Dave Stewart's old crony in the unwisely-named 'Rapid Eye Movement' (we thought of it first) has now attained superstardom by joining Level 42 on guitar. However, don't let that put you off - he is also releasing interesting new solo material, some of it in collaboration with 3 ex-members of 'Japan', on his own 'Resurgence' label, distributed by Voiceprint.
Contact: Jakko, P.O. Box 5, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 9LX, England.
Voicepoint: see MAIL ORDER section.

Having occupied the bass role in 'Rapid Eye Movement' (yes, it was a bad choice of name) 'Caravan of Dreams' (Richard Sinclair's band) and now 'Mirage' (featuring various ex-Camel and ex-Caravan members), Rick has recently released a CD of his own evocative, soundtrack-like material, 'Second Nature', through Voiceprint.
Contact: Rick Biddulph, P.O. Box 4423, London SW19 2XT, England.
Voiceprint: see MAIL ORDER section.

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