Applied Signal Processing

Projects, to be handed in before February 15.

  1. Kinematics of Real Galaxies

Read the document by Jesus Falcon about methods to determine stellar kinematics in galaxies (see thesisJFalconAppendixA.pdf) The aim of this project is to determine the stellar kinematics along the major axis of NGC 3379. To do this, use a long-slit galaxy spectrum and a library of stellar spectra, to be found here.

  1. Summarize the main differences between the methods

  2. Use 2 or more of the methods given by Falcon to determine the stellar kinematics. What are the parameters of the filters to be used? Apply some sensible binning along the slit.

  3. Plot rotation curve, velocity dispersion, and higher order Fourier terms as a function of radius.

  4. Which method gives the best result? Discuss.