The LOCNOC emerged from two national committees: (i) the national committee for undergraduate education (LOC) and (ii) the NOVA education committee (NOC). The LOCNOC oversees the astronomy education at bachelor (BSc), master (MSc) and graduate level (PhD) at the Dutch universities constituting NOVA, the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy. NOVA is a federation of the astronomical institutes of the universities of Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen, and Utrecht. NOVA was selected as top-research school in 1998 following an open national competition, and is as such receiving substantial funding by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

NOVA's mission is two-fold: (i) to carry out frontline astronomical research in the Netherlands; (ii) to train young astronomers at the highest international level; the LOCNOC contributes to the latter, mainly by coordinating and evaluating the Inter Academy Courses and NOVA Graduate School.


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