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KiDS Shines Light on Dark Matter

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KiDS Shines Light on Dark Matter  [more]

OmegaCEN is an Astronomical Datacenter supporting WIDE-FIELD astronomical imaging. The center is building and supporting advanced survey data handling  systems applicable to optical imagers, such as OmegaCAM@VST, WFI@2.2m,  VISTA, the Hubble Space Telescope and also the Lofar radio telescope.

OmegaCEN is an initiative of the research school NOVA, supporting NOVA's instrumentation programme, in particular the OmegaCAM wide field camera for the VST at Paranal, the MUSE  panoramic integral-field spectrograph at ESO's VLT, the Micado deep imager at ESO's ELT and the Euclid satelite.

OmegaCEN is supported by the Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Astronomie, NOVA and the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen and receives additional funding to support the following projects:

past projects:

Currently fifteen scientists and scientific programmers are working at the datacenter: OmegaCEN Staff directory

This is the OmegaCEN staff in January of 2017

Here is the OmegaCEN Tri-Annual Report 2013-2015.

OmegaCEN hardware is characterized by full scalability; scalable parallel processing, scalable Tbyte direct access, and scalable Oracle Real Application Cluster.

OmegaCEN presentations and articles :

Further information can be found on the various homepages of the OmegaCEN projects: OmegaCAM and AstroWise.

See also the Target Project.