The Dutch Astronomers Conference will take place from May 26 to 28 on the island Vlieland. It will start on a boat especially chartered for the conference, the "Stortemelk". On this boat the registration for the conference will take place, as well as the lunch.
The Stortemelk will leave Harlingen Haven (harbour) at 12.00 o'clock on Wednesday, May 26. Harlingen is situated in the North West corner of Friesland and can easily be reached by train from anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since Harlingen has two railway stations, it is advisable to go to the railway station at the harbour (a few kilometers beyond Harlingen station).

Detailed information on train connections is available on the NS site.
Because of possible train delays, it is highly recommended to arrive at Harlingen Haven at 11.00h. This means that people from Leiden will have to depart at 7.01h, from Amsterdam (CS) at 7.36h, from Utrecht (CS) at 7.53h, from Nijmegen at 7.25h and from Groningen at 8.51h. It is probably not possible to reach Harlingen Haven this early from most Belgian stations without spending the night somewhere.

If one misses the Stortemelk, the next ferry of Rederij Doeksen leaves at 14.15h. A schedule can be found on the site of Rederij Doeksen. The Stortemelk will arrive in Vlieland Harbour at approximately 14.00h. Upon arrival everyone will be given a bicycle; we will all go to the Strandhotel Seeduyn where everyone will be checked into his/her room. The bicycle ride is short, only 1-1.5 km.
Here you can get a map of Vlieland indicating the way to the hotel.

The special chartered boat, the Stortemelk has been booked back to Harlingen and arrives at Harlingen Haven at approximately 18.30h/19:00h. We leave from Vlieland with this boat at 17:00h. People who take the directly connecting train at 18.37h will arrive in Groningen at 20.12h, in Nijmegen at 21.37h, in Utrecht at 21.12h, at Amsterdam CS at 21.27h or in Leiden at 22.02h.

harlingen centrum
Vlieland kaart