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Wednesday May 26

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prof. H. Habing
prof A. Blaauw
Opening Conference

Session I     chair: E. van Dishoeck
15:15-15:30Joeri van Leeuwen (C)Finding pulsars with LOFAR
15:30-15:45Roy Smits (C)Pulsars: mode changes in drifting subpulses
15:45-16:00Bram Acke (C)Disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars
16:00-16:45Nick Scoville (NOVA)Massive Star Clusters and Starbursts in Molecular Clouds
16:45-17:00coffee and tea break
Session II     chair: P. van der Kruit
17:00-17:30Anthony Brown (I)OB Associations: the Fossil Record of Star Formation
17:30-17:45Thijs Kouwenhoven (C)The binary population in the nearby OB association Scorpius OB2
17:45-18:00Remko Stuik (C)CHEOPS - Direct exoplanet detection from the ground
18:00-18:15Dennis Bodewitz (C)Catching Some Sun
18:15-18:30Michiel Min (C)Emission and scattering of light by cometary dust
18:30-19:00Ralf Klessen (I)Gravoturbulent Star Formation
Hugo van WoerdenA Profile of Adriaan Blaauw
20:30-...beachvolleyball en bowling competition

Thursday May 27

Time   Speaker  Title
Session III     chair: J. Kuijpers
9:00-9:30Michiel Hogerheijde (C)The Snake Pit: Jet-Cloud Interaction in the Serpens Star-Forming Region
9:30-9:45Jes Jørgensen (C)New Insights into the Physics and Chemistry of Low-mass Protostars
9:45-10:00Inti Pelupessy (C)Star formation in Dwarf Galaxies
10:00-10:30Richard de Grijs (I)Star formation in extreme starburst environments
10:30-10:45coffee and tea break
Session IV     chair: H. van der Laan
10:45-11:00prof A. BlaauwPastoor Schmeits Award



Pieter van Dokkum
(Schmeits Award winner)
Formation of early-type galaxies

11:30-11:45Rien Dijkstra (C)Water Ice Around Evolved Stars
11:45-12:00Klaus Pontoppidan (C)Observations of the chemistry, structure and distribution of interstellar ice
12:00-12:15Ronald Stark (C)Deuterium in motion - from prestellar objects to planets
12:15-12:30Doug Johnstone (C)The COMPLETE Survey of Star-Forming Regions
12:30-14:30lunch en poster award (near lighthouse)
Special program in honour of prof. Blaauw
Session V     chair: T. de Zeeuw
14:30-15:15Charles Lada (NOVA)Embedded Stellar Clusters: Building Blocks of OB Associations and the Fundamental Units of Galactic Star Formation
15:15-16:00Ewine van Dishoeck (I)Chemistry as a tracer of protostellar evolution
16:00-16:45Derek Ward-Thompson (I)The initial conditions of protostellar collapse
16:45-17:00coffee and tea break
Session VI     chair: C. Waelkens
17:00-17:45Hans Zinnecker (I)The formation of massive stars
17:45-18:30George Miley (I)LOFAR and its use to study the Early Universe
18:30-19:15Frank Shu (NOVA)Magnetized Star Formation



Dr. Wim Bijleveld
Director National Maritime Museum
evening lecture:
Maritime History of the Waddenzee

21:45-22:00questions evening lecture
22:00-22:30Minnaert Committee discussion

Friday May 28

Time   Speaker  Title
Session VII     chair: O. Pols
9:00-9:30Marco Spaans (I)Star Formation at High Redshift: The Equation of State
9:30-9:45Rense Boomsma (C)High velocity HI in nearby spiral galaxies
9:45-10:00Katharina Kovac (C)A Search for Lowest Mass Galaxies: First Results
10:00-10:15Kambiz Fathi (C)Non-circular gas kinematics in spirals
10:15-10:45Bernhard Brandl (I)Extragalactic Star Formation as seen by the Spitzer Space Telescope
10:45-11:00coffee and tea break
Session VIII     chair: G. Miley
11:00-11:15Glenn van de Ven (C)Dynamical distance and intrinsic structure of Omega Centauri
11:15-11:30Jelle de Plaa (C)The cooling flow and soft X-ray excess in the cluster of galaxies Sersic 159-03
11:30-11:45Michiel Brentjens (C)Megaparsec scale polarized radio emission in the Perseus cluster
11:45-12:30Paul van der Werf (I)Starbursts, ULIGs and the Cosmic Star Formation History
13:30-16:15Vliehors Express
16:45-...departure ferry to Harlingen