Workshop Venue

The workshop will take place at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute.

The address is:
Landleven 12
Zernike Complex
9747 AG, Groningen.

The Zernike building
The Zernike building, which is home to the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute and SRON.

The Kapteyn Institute is situated on the second and third floor (eerste en tweede verdieping) of the Zernike Building, Landleven 12, Groningen, the Netherlands. The location of rooms within the Zernike building can be found on the plan of the Zernike building below.

How to get to Groningen, to the University Guesthouse
and to the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

To Groningen

Groningen is situated in the north of the Netherlands. The easiest way to reach it is by train. There is a direct train connection from Schiphol International Airport (Amsterdam) to Groningen. When coming from Germany, Belgium or Paris, taking international trains is also a good option.

Direct trains from Schiphol leave every hour at xx:21 arriving in Groningen at (xx+2):53. In between there are trains leaving at xx:51 (direction 'Enschede'), which you have to leave in Amersfoort at (xx+1):35 to change to the train to Groningen (normally waiting at the opposite side of the same platform), arriving there at (xx+3):14. The last train leaves on working days at 23:10 (arriving in Groningen at 2:00), while on Saturdays and Sundays the last train leaves at 23:18 and 22:18 respectively. Make sure you are in the front part of the train, because in Zwolle (1 hour before arrival in Groningen) the train is divided, the front part going to Groningen, the rear part to Leeuwarden. Please note the signs on the trains and at the notice boards at the platform!

To the University Guesthouse

The University Guesthouse is located in the centre of the city, close to the central University building. The address of the Guesthouse is:

Guesthouse, University of Groningen
Kleine Kromme Elleboog 7-b
9712 BS Groningen
Tel.: (+31) (0)50 - 3113424, Fax: (+31) (0)50 - 363 4100
The Guest House Website

Easiest way to get from the Central Sation to the Guesthouse is to take a taxi. The cheaper way is to take bus 15 to "Zernike" or bus 11 to "Zuidhorn/Zernike". If you take bus 11: get off at the "Grote Markt" (4th stop). If you take bus 15: get off at bus 15: get off at the "A-Kerk" (2nd stop). The bus schedules can be used to look up the times and routes.

The map below shows the location of the Guesthouse (green pointer labeled A). Bus stop 15 (A-Kerk) is the one in the lower left corner, bus stop 11 (Grote Markt) is the one in the top right corner.

The city centre in Google Maps showing how to get from the bus stops to the University Guesthouse (green pointer A). You can zoom out for a larger scale.

To the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

The Zernike complex is located at the northeast of Groningen city, just outside the Groningen ringroad. It may be easily reached by public transport. In case you travel to Groningen by train (NS), during office hours you are advised to take bus nr. 15 straight from the station up to the Zernike complex. From the Guesthouse to the Zernike complex we refer to bus 11 at the Grote Markt or bus 15 at the A-Kerk, the stops shown on the map above

The location of the Zernike building in Google Maps. You can zoom out for a larger scale.

By car

Also by car the Zernike complex is conveniently located. 

  • When coming from the south (Assen) on the A28:
    A28; take the exit "Ring-Groningen (N28)" at the Julianaplein to the west
    N28; take exit "Ring-Groningen (west)", on the roundabout take the exit "Ring-Groningen (noord)" to the N370.
    Follow the N370 until it turn towards the east; take the exit Zernike Complex. Then turn left to enter the Zernike Complex.

  • When coming from the East (Drachten) on the A7:
    A7; take the first exit: "Ring-Groningen (west)", then take the exit "Ring-groningen (noord)" to the N370 on the roundabout. Follow this road until you see the exit "Zernike Complex" after the road has turned to the west. Take this exit and turn left to enter the Zernike Complex

If you enter the Zernike complex there are two convenient parking lots. One is when you take the first right after entering the complex. The other is when after following the road turning to the left you come to the second road at your right hand side. Turn right and immediately left into the parking lot. A map with the parking lots can be found here

Plan of the Zernike building

In the following figure you'll find a plan of the second floor of the Zernike building. The lectures take place in room 257 (third floor) and room 142 (in the former library).

First floor of the Zernike building.
First floor of the Zernike building.


On Thursday we will go by bus from Groningen to ASTRON & JIVE near Dwingeloo and to the telescopes in the province of Drenthe.

ASTRON, JIVE, and the telescopes with respect to the Kapteyn Institute.