Workshop programme

March 2

Participants arrive in Groningen.

March 3         starting time 09:30

Basic Radio Astronomy and Synthesis Imaging

Ger de Bruyn, ASTRON, Dwingeloo
Oleg Smirnov, ASTRON, Dwingeloo

Basic Radio Astronomy
The Measurement Equation
Afternoon:Exercises: Introduction to MeqTrees

March 4         starting time 09:00

Calibration, including full polarisation

Michiel Brentjens, ASTRON, Dwingeloo
Oleg Smirnov, ASTRON, Dwingeloo
morning: Calibration techniques, including polarisation, illustrated with exercises
Afternoon: Further exercises (MeqTrees)

March 5         starting time 09:00

Site visit to ASTRON Dwingeloo and the Westerbork and LOFAR Observatories

Early morning:Finish Calibration Exercises
Late morning and afternoon:Visit to Dwingeloo, LOFAR, and WSRT

Photographs of the visit.

March 6         starting time 09:00

The Ionosphere
Ilse van Bemmel, Leiden Observatory, Leiden

Morning:Ionospheric and tropospheric effects, lecture and exercises.
Afternoon: Exercises (MeqTrees)

Evening:  19:15   Workshop Dinner at Ni Hao, Gedempte Kattendiep

March 7         starting time 09:00

Wide-field and deep-field imaging
Isabella Prandoni, Instituto di Radioastronomia, Bologna

Morning:Wide-field and deep-field imaging, lectures and exercises
Afternoon: Exercises (MeqTrees) and First LOFAR results by Sarod Yatawatta


March 9 - March 21

Practical assignments (see "General Information"). A smaller group of people can stay for longer to work on practical assignemnts to get more experienced with radio data calibration. This will take place at ASTRON/JIVE in Dwingeloo.