First announcement

MCCT Science and Instrumentation workshop, Groningen, the Netherlands, March 2-7 and Dwingeloo, the Netherlands, March 8-21, 2008.

This Science and Instrumentation workshop on Wide-field imaging and calibration is part of the Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses on the Square Kilometre Array Design Studies (MCCT SKADS).


Aim of the workshop

The aim of the EU Marie Curie programme is to promote, discuss and disseminate the SKA and SKADS ideas to young researchers. The programme should provide the next generation of European astronomers with basic and advanced scientific and technology knowledge, thereby securing the high-level role of European radio astronomy for the future.

This is the first mixed (science and instruments) MCCT SKADS workshop which will focus on practical aspects of calibrating synthesis data from a SKA-like telescope. The topics that will be covered include:

  • Basic Radio Astronomy
  • The Measurement Equation
  • Wide field imaging issues
  • Ionospheric and tropospheric effects
  • RFI
  • Polarization

Lectures will be given in the morning, followed by hands-on exercises in the afternoon, where the attendants will use the MeqTree software to handle synthesis data. The goal is to use real data as a guideline for both the lectures and the exercises.

For a smaller group of people there is the opportunity to continue to work on practical assignments to improve their calibrating skills. This will take place in Dwingeloo at ASTRON & JIVE during the two weeks after the workshop. There is a choice of packages to use (o.a. MeqTrees, Aips++, see the website for more information) and participants are encouraged to bring their own radio data problems to work on. Alternatively one can work on fresh LOFAR observations.


If there are any questions, please mail to mcct-skads{at)astro{dot)rug{dot)nl or use this form.