Previous meetings

Meeting of the AstroFrauenNetzwerk, Hamburg 24.9.2012

Where: AS-Saal
When: Monday, September 24.9.2012, 14:00-16:30 h
In the wake of the international fall meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Hamburg from September 24-28, the AstroFrauenNetzwerk (AFN) is organising a meeting/workshop. The AFN meeting/workshop is scheduled such that you have to option to combine your participation in the AFN meeting/workshop with a subsequent attendance of the Astronomische Gesellschaft meeting (for which you will have to register separately):

You are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming meeting of the network of women astronomers in German-speaking countries.

14.00-14:10 Inga Kamp (AstroFrauenNetzwerk) Welcome address and presentation of the AFN
14:15-14:40 Janine Fohlmeister
(ARI Heidelberg)
Results of the survey on careers of astronomers based on two additional samples taken over the last year

see also: AstroFrauenNetzwerk Survey Results - Career situation of female astronomers in Germany Fohlmeister & Helling 2012, AN 333, 280
14.45-15:40 Moderation: Inga KampThe role of Equal Opportunity officers at German Universities
1) A case study: Task and experiences of an EO (15mins)
Janine Fohlmeister, EO at the University of Heidelberg
Sonja Schuh, EO at the University of Goettingen
2) Open Discussion on
- What should an EO do?
- What is an EO able to do?
- Who can be an EO? Who is an EO (education/age/..?)
- Which role does the EO play in the local hierarchy?
15:40 Summary of discussion on role of Equal Opportunity officers
15:50 What next?
We invite everyone to join us for a social get-together after the meeting.
18:00 meet for a cocktail
Location: Bolero (Rothenbaumchaussee 78, 20148 Hamburg - Rotherbaum)
- 10 min by foot from meeting
- cocktails & eating possible

You do not need to register to the full AG meeting to participate in the AFN meeting.

Summary of the meeting