ISM Group Groningen

Giambattista Aresu
Observation of protoplanetary disks

Aycin Aykutalp
Pop II- Pop II transition, AGN

Rosina Bertelsen
Inner planet forming region in protoplanetery disks

Caroline Van Borm
Seed black holes, first objects

Leon Boschman
Chemistry on interstellar dust grains

Stéphanie Cazaux
Formation of mol. on interstellar dust grain

German Chaparro
Organic chemistry in the protosolar nebula

Yunhee Choi
Water observations of HMSF regions

Wilfred Frieswijk
Formation of massive stars and stellar clusters

Seyit Hocuk
IMF in Active Galaxies

Inga Kamp
Structure of protoplanetary disks

Fred Lahuis
Warm dense ISM

Rowin Meijerink
UV and X-ray affected chemistry

Zsofia Nagy
Chemistry of high-mass star-forming regions

Russ Shipman
Properties of IRDCs

Marco Spaans
ISM and the formation of stars and planets

Floris van der Tak
Formation of high-mass stars and stellar clusters

Ke wang
Infrared Dark Clouds; Initial Conditions of Massive Star Formation