We are the "ISM group" at the University of Groningen.
We study the interstellar medium (of both our galaxy and
other galaxies): star formation, protoplanetary disks,
astrochemistry, and some lab physics / instrumentation

The group is led by professors Floris van der Tak and Inga Kamp.

Current and associated members are the following:

Floris van der Tak
Inga Kamp
Andrey Baryshev
Frank Helmich
Fred Lahuis
Kateryna Frantseva
Lingyu Wang
Marlies van de Weijgaert
Migo Mueller
Russell Shipman
Veronica Allen
Will Pearson
Henk van der Linden
Rens Waters
Aaron Greenwood
Martina D'Angelo
Marco Spaans
Leon Boschman
Stephanie Cazaux
Nick Oberg
Simon Steendam
Jelle Bor

Group meetings are every second Thursday, at 11:15 am in room 292 unless otherwise noted.

Current schedule as follows:

23 March -- Marlies van de Weijgaert -- 14:00 in room 292
6 April -- TBC -- 14:00 in room 292
20 April -- TBC -- back to the usual time/place
4 May -- TBC