On December 22, 2003 Piet van der Kruit was appointed on a new honorary chair: the Jacobus C. Kapteyn professorship in Astronomy. This conference is a tribute to his life long interest in the properties of disk galaxies. The goal of the meeting was to take inventory of our current knowledge of the structure and content of disk galaxies, to present models of formation and evolution leading to disk galaxies, and to bring together observers and theorists to investigate paths for future research.


The meeting has been held on the beautiful island of Terschelling in the north of the Netherlands on July 3-8, 2005. The location of the meeting was hotel and conference center Schylge, overlooking the harbor of the charming village of West-Terschelling. Next to a stimulating science program with a lot of time for discussions, there was ample time to enjoy the beautiful environment and the broad spectrum of facilities.

The program of the conference consisted of eight sessions. Each session had a review speaker, and invited and contributing speakers. Furthermore, there have been several poster sessions.

Conference Poster
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Science Program

  1. Properties of Stellar Disks
  2. Kinematics and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
  3. Bars, Spiral Structure, and Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies
  4. The Outskirts and Environment of Disk Galaxies
  5. Interstellar Matter
  6. (Evolution of) Star Formation in Galactic Disks
  7. Disk Galaxies through Cosmic Time
  8. Formation Models of Disk Galaxies
The detailed program, including links to any available presentation material (PowerPoint, PDF), can be found on a separate page.


The list of participants can be found here.

One of the group photos

Conference pictures

A collection of photographs made by Stéphane Courteau can be found via this link. He will keep the images there for about 90 days.
Another set of pictures, made by Piet van der Kruit, can be found via this link.
In both cases click once on each picture, and once again, to see the images in their full glory.

Presentations, posters

The raw (unformatted) abstracts of the presentations (posters and talks) can be looked up here.


The deadline for the proceedings is September 1, 2005. The proceedings should be submitted at islands@astro.rug.nl. We are using a LaTeX template from our Springer publishers, which can be found with instructions and examples over here: kapproc.tgz. Please name your files according to this convention: smith_a.tex, smith_a_fig1.tex, smith_a_fig2.tex, etc. Review speakers have 12 pages, all other speakers 6 pages, and poster presenters get 4 pages in the proceedings. Please make sure that your contribution compiles under LaTeX, prints well, and do not forget to run your spell checker!

Science Organizing Committee

Ron Allen, Julianne Dalcanton, Erwin de Blok, Richard de Grijs, Roelof de Jong (Chair), Ken Freeman, Johan Knapen, Rob Kennicutt, Jerry Sellwood, Eline Tolstoy, Jacqueline van Gorkom, Thijs van der Hulst, Piet van der Kruit.

Local Organizing Committee

Greta de Vries, Peter Kamphuis, Isabel Pérez Martín, Hans Terlouw, Eline Tolstoy (Chair), Thijs van der Hulst, Piet van der Kruit, Hennie Zondervan, Jackie Zwegers.

Contact Information

E-mail: islands@astro.rug.nl
This website: http://www.astro.rug.nl/~islands
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July 20, 2005