How to use GIDS on a TrueColor display?

GIDS is normally not capable of running in a TrueColor visual. The VNC server/viewer combination allows you however to create a simulated 8-bit display in which GIDS can run. (There are also alternatives to VNC, but we didn't have success with any of these yet).

The following procedure should work:

- Start a new VNC server with adjusted geometry:

    vncserver :1 -depth 8 -cc 3 -geometry 800x550
        ":1" is the display number of the server.
        If this number is already is use, you can choose a different number.
        The first time the VNC server is started, it requests a password which
        will be needed for connecting with the VNC viewer.
        Because a connected VNC viewer provides full access to your account,
        also from other machines on the network, you should choose a safe
        password for this! (The password can be changed afterwards
        with the command vncpasswd.)

- start the viewer:

    vncviewer :1
        The password is asked. ":1" is the display number of the server.
        (If you you wish, you can put the viewer process in the background now.)

- set environment variable for GIDS:

    setenv DISPLAY
        the ":1" part is the display number of the server.

- run GIPSY:

        You can do this from any terminal in which the above DISPLAY variable
        has been set. It is not necessary to use a terminal within the VNC viewer.

- within GIPSY run e.g. inidisplay:

        This should bring up GIDS within the VNC viewer.

- If you don't need the VNC server anymore, you may want to terminate it:

    vncserver -kill :1
        ":1" indicates the display number of the server.

gipsy January 25th, 2007, J. P. Terlouw
Rev.: January 30th, 2008