Preparation for Mac OS X (Lion)

Please take the following especially into account if you have a free choice of the system on which you want to run GIPSY.

Installing GIPSY on Mac OS X may be complicated by the fact that software can be obtained from various places . E.g., Fink, MacPorts, etc. Also software which has already been installed may interfere. The approach that worked for us is largely derived from the information on the web page Installing Python, ... (on "This is the Green Room"). For more information and hints, please visit that page.
Note: that page is no longer updated. Here is a more recent version.

Steps to take

For a freshly installed Mac OS system, do the following: This setup will allow you to install most of GIPSY. Parts that don't work or don't work properly are:
December 12, 2011
updated: November 15, 2013