Tektronix graphics

This section applies only to Tektronix operation using the same terminal on which tHermes runs.

If the terminal at which tHermes runs is capable of emulating a Tektronix graphics terminal, CTRL-X T can be typed to switch on the graphics mode. This mode can be used in connection with tasks for which the plot device THERTEK was selected. If the terminal type has not been defined yet, the user will be prompted. This information can also be specified in the Hermes defaults file. In this case use: TEKDEVICE= terminaltype. Allowable terminal types are listed in the table below.

In Tektronix mode, tHermes continues to operate normally, but user interaction is somewhat limited. To protect the graphics image, characters typed are not echoed and the overlay Unix shell and editors cannot be started.

Typing CTRL-X T again will switch Tektronix mode off. If possible, tHermes then switches back to normal terminal mode, but some terminals do not support this; these terminals must be switched back manually by the user.

tHermes `remembers' the contents of the graphics image, so if Tektronix mode is switched on again, the image is restored.

  Terminal type  |                              | switch back
     LADA        | KGB's LAT terminal emulator  | automatic
     NCSA        | NCSA Telnet                  | manual
     XTERM       | X Window terminal emulator   | automatic  

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