Prompter windows

Sometimes tHermes needs information which may not be related to the execution of a particular task. In such a case it can pop up a prompter window. A prompter window consists of three lines on the screen; the first and third line are part of the window's frame. See example.

  1. The top line contains the prompt, telling the user what kind of input is expected.
  2. In the second line the user can type the information, terminated with a RETURN. Editing functions are available here. This line may already contain a default. To accept the default, only RETURN need to be typed.
  3. The bottom line can display some feedback text, e.g. a result or an error message.

When the user does not want to respond immediately to the prompt, he can shift the `keyboard focus' away from the prompter window by typing CTRL-O. In this way he can do something else first.

A prompter window can be deleted by typing CTRL-C in it.

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