Directories and Paths

Working directory

The working directory can be changed by typing ESC D. Hermes then prompts the user for a new directory like this:

This directory will then be used for tasks started after the change. Running tasks and Hermes itself are not affected. The working directory can also be set in the Hermes defaults file.

Task path

The task path can be changed with ESC T. Upon the prompt that follows one or more directories separated by blanks can be specified.

A directory may contain (or consist of) one or more environment variables (indicated by a leading $-character). Whenever a task start command without an explicit path is given, this list is scanned to find the task. If it is not in one of the specified directories, Hermes tries to find the task in $gip_exe. The default path is `.' (the current working directory). The task path can also be set in the Hermes defaults file.

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