GPLOT recipes: Contents

  1. Using GPLOT for the first time
  2. The GPLOT user guide
  3. GPLOT command overview
  4. Creating a simple colour plot
  5. Contours over a grayscale plot of a different origin
  6. A black and white panel
  7. A colour panel demo
  8. Building a gray scale plot with COLA
  9. Plotting profiles in GPLOT (I) (profile from 3d-set)
  10. Plotting profiles in GPLOT (II) (profile from 2d-set)
  11. A profile mosaic (command file generated with C-program)
  12. Polarisation vectors in a plot
  13. Position-velocity diagram
  14. Text in plots
  15. Graph markers
  16. Hershey symbols
  17. Include PostScript output in a TeX file
  18. The interactive cursor with keyboard commands

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