Descriptor Items

The list presented here contains the most commonly used FITS-type descriptor items in GIPSY.
Name      Type      Meaning
--------- --------- ------------------------------------------
BUNIT     CHAR      data units   (WU,MJY/SR,...)
POL       CHAR      polarization (I,Q,U,V,XX,...)
OBSTYP    CHAR      type of observation (LINE,CONT)
FSCRA     DBLE      RA fringe stopping center  (degrees)
FSCDEC    DBLE      DEC fringe stopping center (degrees)
BANDW     DBLE      total bandwidth of observation
EPOCH     DBLE      epoche of observation (years)
NINTF     INT       number of interferometers used
NPOL      INT       number of polarizations used (1,2,4)
NFREQ     INT       number of frequency points used
REDCODE   CHAR      LINEMAP reduction code
MAPCODE   CHAR      LINEMAP map code
UVGRID    CHAR      convolving function code
BLGRAD    CHAR      baseline grading function
NBLANK    INT       number of undefined values in map
INSTRUME  CHAR      source of data (WSRT,TAURUS,...)
MAPVSN    CHAR      tape volume of map archive
MAPLAB    CHAR      tape label of map archive
APVSN     CHAR      tape volume of Antenna Pattern
APLAB     CHAR      tape label of Antenna Pattern
PCRA      DBLE      pointing center RA  (degrees)
PCDEC     DBLE      pointing center DEC (degrees)
MAXBASE   DBLE      maximum baseline (meter)
MINBASE   DBLE      minimum baseline (meter)
BMMIN     DBLE      minor axis (FWHM) of beam (arcsec)
BMMAJ     DBLE      major axis (FWHM) of beam (arcsec)
RESOL     DBLE      resolution of spectral axis
EQUINOX   DBLE      equinox of coordinate system (years) ?
DATE-OBS  CHAR      observation date (DD/MM/YY)
APSET     INT       set number of antenna pattern        ?
APSSET    INT       subset number of antenna pattern     ?
FILEID    CHAR      identification of file
FREQ0     DBLE      Rest frequency of spectral line (Hz)
UVFREQ    DBLE      reference freq. for UV coords. (MHz)
UVBANDW   DBLE      bandwidth of UV coordinates (MHz)
NOISE     DBLE      noise of map
NORM      DBLE      normalizing factor in FFT
DATAMAX   REAL      maximum value of map
DATAMIN   REAL      minimum value of map
OBSERVER  CHAR      observer name
OBJECT    CHAR      object name
TAPER     CHAR      type of frequency taper (HANNING,...)
GRIDTYPE  CHAR      type of grid
ORIGIN    CHAR      tape writing institute
DATE      CHAR      tape writing date (DD/MM/YY)
OBSTIME   CHAR      observation time (HH:MM:SS)
BMPA      DBLE      pos. angle of major axis of beam (N->E)

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