The following tasks belong to the category PLOTTING:
``Line/grey scale plots'' In parentheses the name of the source file is given.
View Set, subset in perspective (3dplot.c)
Plot an all sky graticule in a given sky system and plot shapes, markers and or images on that system. (allskyplot.src)
Create contour-, gray scale- and colour plots. Provide basic drawing routines. (cplot.c)
Create an output set with profiles extracted from an input set at positions in subsets that are either 1) defined by ellipses, 2) entered manually or 3) entered with the graphics cursor. (ellprof.c)
General macro based plot program for interactive use of PGPLOT subroutines and the Gipsy Data Subsystem (GDS). See also: The GIPSY Recipes Book . (gplot.c)
Program creates histogram of intensities in a set or part of a set. (histog.c)
INSPECTOR writes slices through a 3d GIPSY data cube. It overlays radial HI velocities (i.e. 'tilted ring' circular velocities) on velocities in XV diagrams and lets you adjust the tilted ring parameters to get a better fit. See also: INSPECTOR Supplementary documentation. (inspector.src)
Plot set/subsets from a GIPSY set or slices from a FITS file and annotate those plots with world coordinate labels and or a graticule. The program has a hard copy facility. It is ideal for comparing channels in a radio data cube or for comparing different sources (e.g. mixing GIPSY sets and FITS files). Put markers with keyword MARKER= A marker will be plotted in all images, at least if its position in world coordinates is part of the image. (wcsflux.src)
Plot PGPLOT's marker- and Hershey symbols (plotsym.c)
Interactive estimation of width of global profile. (No fitting involed) (profglob.c)
QPLOT plots an one dimensional slice through a set. (qplot.c)
Generate random numbers from various distributions. Add noise to sets. Write random numbers to an (ascii) file on disk. (random.c)
Render 2d- and 3d GIPSY data and display 2d-slices at any angle. See also: RENDER render 2d and 3d GIPSY data. (render.c)
Build and execute a GPLOT input file that plots contours per level for different subsets. The contours can be plotted on a set displayed in GIDS. (renzogram.c)
Make a slice through a set (slice.c)
SLICEVIEW is an inspection tool for 2d and 3d data sets. It extracts and displays slices under any angle and (for 3-d sets) shows z-profiles/flux at any position. (sliceview.src)
Program to calculate elementary statistics in user (stat.c)
TRACE plots image values at user given positions as function of distance to a plot centre (in 2-d (sub)sets). (trace.c)
Display data from FITS files or GIPSY sets. It allows for slices in any direction of the data set. A plot can be made in several formats. A manual is included in the program. Press f1 to get the handbook. (visions.src)
Plot set/subsets from a GIPSY set or slices from a FITS file and annotate those plots with world coordinate labels and or a graticule. Then add shapes in one image. The shapes are copied to other images using their world coordinates. Finally calculate the flux in those shapes. (wcsflux.src)
Fit parameters of a standard Gauss function, a Gauss-Hermite series or a Voigt lineshape to data from GIPSY sets or ASCII files See also: XGAUPROF Supplementary documentation. (xgauprof.src)