2002 Groningen Workshop

"The Evolution of the Local Group"

March 20, 2002
Groningen, the Netherlands


During the week of 18-22nd March, Groningen is hosting a series of events surrounding the retirement of Professor Tjeerd van Albada. On Tuesday March 19th, there will be a series of talks around a topic chosen by Tjeerd - Evolution of Galaxies from High Redshifts to the Present followed by a farewell lecture by Tjeerd himself. Many of Tjeerds colleagues and friends will be attending this event.

We are organising a small one-day informal workshop on a topic related to the topic of Tjeerd van Albada's retirement symposium, entitled The Evolution of the Local Group. This will take place the day after the retirement symposium, on Wednesday 20th March at the Kapteyn Institute in Groningen.

Our workshop will cover all aspects of Local Group galaxies (structure, stellar populations, dynamics etc) but we are especially interested the theme of chemical abundances and evolution.

All are welcome to attend the Local Group workshop and no special registration is necessary. Registration to attend the main retirement symposium of Professor Tjeerd van Albada on the 19th March, and sign up for the dinner to be held afterwards (cost: 20Euro) is required however. The details are on the symposium webpage. This webpage also contains details of how to get to Groningen and detailed maps.

Note. The formal symposium and the farewell lecture are to be held in downtown (!) Groningen in the Akademiegebouw (near all the hotels), and the workshop will be held in the Kapteyn Institute. (take bus no. 11 or 15 until the end of the line (Zernike Complex) from either the train station or downtown (e.g. Bus stop on main market place, the Grote Markt). The Kapteyn Institute is right infront of you when you get off the bus, but you have to walk around the building to get in (quickest is to walk to the left of the building). The doors should be unlocked today. If not, there is a buzzer on the front door. If at first no one answers keep trying. The Kapteyn Institute is on the first floor of this building (you have to go up one flight of stairs). Our offices are 195 (Eline) and 194 (Annette). The lecture room where the workshop will be held is 161.


Talks are 35minutes including time for questions/discussion.

Questions, comments, suggestions, problems - don't hesitate to contact either of us

Eline Tolstoy (etolstoy@astro.rug.nl) & Annette Ferguson (ferguson@astro.rug.nl)

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