Bernard60 Conference Photos


Bernard and Vicent


left: Vicent Martinez and Michael Rowan-Robinson
centre: Jim Peebles and Vicent Martinez
right: Vicent Martinez amidst the Zeldovich school, Rashid Sunyaev and Sergei Shandarin


Bernard with the Edinburgh delegation:
left: with Alan Heavens; right: with John Peacock


At first, Bernard amidst his students from Princeton and Cambridge days ...
(Kwing Lam Chan, Phil Palmer, Carlos Frenk, Bernard, Joan Centrella and Rosie Wyse)


... it soon expanded to the complete old Cambridge gang:
(Kwing Lam Chan, Sverre Aarseth, Janet, Bernard, Phil Palmer,
Rosie Wyse, Carlos Frenk, Bernard Carr and Joan Centrella)



Bernard with Cambridge crowd (tuesday dinner):
top left: Bernard and Rosie Wyse;
top right: opposite side table, Phil Palmer and Joan Centrella
bottom: Bernard Carr and Mari


Omar Lopez-Cruz with the Jones family:
left: Alexander, Michael & Omar
right: Matt, Alexander, Catherine, Michael, Vicki & Omar



Above: Sergei Shandarin (left) and Raul Jimenez (right)

Bottom, left: Latin American delegation
    (before Brazil and Argentina were ousted from the Worldcup)
Bottom right: Licia Verde, John Peacock and Sergei Shandarin


Sverre Aarseth, Joan Centrella and Nikos Voglis


Svend Rugh and George Rhee
(at the Oceanografic penguin house)


left: Maria Pons & Luigi Guzzo;
right: Bernard, Uwe & Fernando


Barcelona and Valencia:

left: Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente
right: Pablo de la Cruz-Martinez, Maria Pons-Borderia and Alberto Fernandez-Soto


Rien (left) and Vicent (right)


the UIMP conference assistants


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