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Name Title Date
P. Ganeshaiah Veena The Cosmic Ballet: spinning in the web 16-10-2020
C. Bacchini Star formation laws and gas turbulence in nearby galaxies 25-09-2020
H. Koppelman The Galactic halo: formation history and dynamics 18-09-2020
H.R. Stacey Through a lens darkly: magnified views of massive galaxy formation 11-09-2020
D.A. Montofré Instrumentation development of innovative radio-devices to improve the coming cycles of radio astronomy observations 07-07-2020
E. Hamraz A comprehensive study of the color distributions of dwarf early-type galaxies 01-05-2020
S. Sen Detailed stellar populations of dwarf elliptical galaxies 24-02-2020
J.H.J Hagen Galactic dynamics in the era of Gaia 11-01-2020
W.J. Pearson Physical drivers of the cosmic star formation history 22-11-2019
K.V. Frantseva Enrichment of planetary surfaces by asteroid and comet impacts 01-11-2019
C. E. Petrillo Discovering gravitational lenses with artificial intelligence 01-11-2019
J.F. Radcliffe Nowhere to hide: identifying AGN in the faint radio sky 23-04-2019
A.P. Venhola Evolution of dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster 29-03-2019
S. Chatterjee Gauging the inner mass power spectrum of early-type galaxies 29-03-2019
B.K. Gehlot Large-scale 21-cm cosmology with LOFAR and AARTFAAC 08-02-2019
C. Spingola Gravitational lensing at milliarcsecond angular resolution 04-02-2019
S. Mukherjee SEAGLE - Simulating EAGle LEnses, Deciphering galaxy formation via strong lens simulations 11-01-2019
R.R. Kooistra Large-scale filaments and the intergalactic medium 10-12-2018
Y. Wang Disc reflection in low-mass X-ray binaries 03-12-2018
A. Savino On the complex stellar populations of ancient stellar systems 02-11-2018
S.S. Sridhar Non-thermal emission and magnetic fields in nearby galaxies, A low-frequency radio continuum perspective 29-10-2018
A.J. Greenwood The future of protoplanetary disk models, Brown dwarfs, mid-infrared molecular spectra, and dust evolution 15-10-2018
V.A. Allen Organic chemistry around young high-mass stars: observational and theoretical 12-10-2018
F. Santoro The multi-phase ISM of radio galaxies: a spectroscopic study of ionized and warm gas 01-06-2018
J. Mentz Kinematics and stellar populations of dwarf elliptical galaxies 20-04-2018
M. Dries Unravelling the stellar Initial Mass Function of early-type galaxies with hierarchical Bayesian modelling 06-04-2018
M. Brienza The life cycle of radio galaxies as seen by LOFAR 23-03-2018
L. Bisigello Assessing the performance of forthcoming Infrared telescopes 13-11-2017
M.A. Ramatsoku A Westerbork blind HI imaging survey of the Perseus-Pisces filament in the Zone of Avoidance 17-10-2017
F.M. Maccagni Cold gas in the centre of radio-loud galaxies, New perspectives on triggering and feedback from HI absorption surveys and molecular gas 18-09-2017
H. Tian Hide and seek in the halo of the Milky Way, Substructure recovery 04-07-2017
D. Punzo 3D visualization and analysis of HI in and around galaxies 26-05-2017
M.K. Yildiz The Impact of neutral hydrogen on the current evolution of early-type galaxies 10-03-2017
A. Ponomareva Understanding disk galaxies with the Tully-Fisher relation 24-02-2017
K.M.B. Asad Polarization leakage in epoch of reionization windows 23-01-2017
L.M.P.V. Boschman Chemistry and photophysics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the interstellar medium 06-01-2017
E.G.P. Bos Clusters, voids and reconstructions of the cosmic web 05-12-2016
A.H. Patil LOFAR Epoch of Reionization. Statistical Methods and First Results 22-11-2016
P. Podigachoski Star formation and AGN activity in distant massive galaxies 24-10-2016
W. Karman A spectroscopic study of the high-redshift Universe 21-10-2016
C. van Borm Matter of Life & Death. The impact of environmental conditions on the origins of stars and supermassive black holes 17-10-2016
M. Lyu Spectral and timing properties of neutron-star low-mass X-ray binaries 27-06-2016
T.K. Starkenburg The impact of dark satellites on dwarf galaxies in a ΛCDM universe 24-06-2016
E. Koumpia Far and mid-infrared studies of star forming regions: Probing their thermal balance, chemistry and evolution 14-06-2016
A. Skúladóttir Sulphur, zinc and carbon in the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy 18-04-2016
S. Antonellini Water in protoplanetary disks: Line flux modeling and disk structure 04-03-2016
P. Pranav Persistent holes in the Universe: A hierarchical topology of the cosmic mass distribution 18-12-2015
S. Meneses Goytia Stellar population models in the Near-Infrared 20-11-2015
Y. Choi Water vapor in high-mass star-forming regions and PDRs: Tracing the dynamics and chemistry with Herschel/HIFI 16-11-2015
A. Gonneau Joint optical and near-infrared spectroscopic studies of stars with X-shooter: An insight into carbon stars 25-09-2015
J.T. Buist Dynamical modelling of stellar streams in a cosmological setting 11-09-2015
H.K. Vedantham Opening the low frequency window to the high redshift Universe 26-06-2015
W. Jellema Optical design and performance verification of Herschel-HIFI 01-05-2015
R.P. Bertelsen CO ro-vibrational emission Tracing the geometry of the inner protoplanetary disc 13-02-2015
A. Shulevski AGN relics in the radio sky 06-02-2015
G. Popping The evolution of the atomic and molecular interstellar medium in star-forming galaxies 14-11-2014
K. Geréb The Role of Neutral Hydrogen in the Life of Galaxies and AGN 26-09-2014
B. Beygu The void galaxy survey : a study of the loneliest galaxies in the universe 26-09-2014
G. Monari The dynamical e!ects of the bar on the Galactic thin and thick disks 19-09-2014
S.P.C. Peters A Closer Look at the Anatomy of Spiral Galaxies 05-09-2014
M.C. Cautun The Cosmic Web and the Local Universe 24-02-2014
F. Lelli Starbursts and gas dynamics in low-mass galaxies 06-12-2013
S. Kazemi Efficient and accurate calibration for radio interferometers 22-11-2013
Y.P. Chen The X-Shooter spectral library and application to stellar population in galaxies 11-11-2013
C. Spiniello The Initial Mass Function in Early-Type Galaxies 04-10-2013
Z. Nagy Molecular line tracers of high-mass star forming regions 23-09-2013
M.A. Breddels Orbit-based dynamical models of Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies 01-07-2013
P. Noorishad Optimization for high fidelity imaging with aperture array telescopes 07-06-2013
G. Chaparro The Cosmic-Ray Dominated Midplane of Protoplanetary Disks : The Solar System Connection 17-05-2013
K. George Recent star formation in cluster early-type galaxies : evidence from dynamics and stellar populations over the past 7 Gyr 29-04-2013
E. Russell Analytical exploration of large scale structure 19-04-2013
A. Sanna Accretion flow properties in low-mass X-ray binaries 08-02-2013
C.A. Vera Ciro The Local Group in LCDM - Shapes and masses of dark halos 21-01-2013
J.D. Bregman System Dewign and Wide-field Imaging Aspects of Synthesis Arrays with Phased Array Stations 14-12-2012
G. Aresu High energy irradiated protoplanetary disks : the X-rays and FUV role in thermo-chemical modeling 10-12-2012
J. Mwebaze Extreme data lineage in ad-hoc astronomical data processing 30-11-2012
A. Aykutalp Enlightenment of the Universe: the Interplay Between Dark Energy. the First Stars, and Black Holes 21-09-2012
G. Zhang X-ray emission and thermonuclear bursts in neutron star X-ray binaries 29-06-2012
A.R. Offringa Algorithms for radio interference detection and removal 22-06-2012
M. den Brok Dynamics and stellar populations of small stellar systems 14-05-2012
T.J.L. de Boer The Star Formation & Chemical Evolution timescales of two nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxies 20-04-2012
B. Hiemstra A walk through the different spectral states of low-mass X-ray binaries 10-02-2012
T.P.K. Martinsson The distribution of mass within spiral galaxies: unique solution 12-12-2011
E. Starkenburg Galactic archaeology in and around the Milky Way 09-12-2011
S. Hocuk The origin of stars: Tales from the unexpected in extreme environments 21-11-2011
G. van der Wolk Mid-infrared imaging of dust in galaxies 28-10-2011
M.A. Latif Cosmological simulations of the first galaxies 16-09-2011
H. Buddelmeijer Query Driven Visualization of Large Scale Multi-Dimensional Astronomical Catalogs 04-07-2011
A. Monachesi The resolved stellar populations of M32 23-05-2011
M.H.D. van der Wiel Molecular gas and dust influenced by massive protostars. Spectral surveys in the far-infrared and submillimeter 16-05-2011
N. Wehres Optical spectroscopy of interstellar and circumstellar molecules. A combined laboratory and observational study 18-03-2011
C. Llinares On the linear and non-linear cosmological evolution of dust density perturbations with MOND 24-01-2011
C. Struve The role of neutral hydrogen in the evolution of nearby radio galaxies 12-11-2010
M. Arrigoni Galactic chemical evolution in hierarchical formation models 29-10-2010
J.P. Pérez-Beaupuits Chemical Fingerprints of Star Forming Regions and Active Galaxies 08-10-2010
F.A. Gomez Milky Way archaeology and the dynamical signatures of mergers 27-09-2010
P. Lampropoulos The Lofar Epoch of Reionization Experiment Data Model 17-09-2010
J. Sansa Measuring and modeling the performance of high-speed data transport protocols 21-05-2010
V. Jelić Cosmological 21 cm experiments: searching for a needle in a haystrak 07-05-2010
S Vegetti Quantifying mass substructure in early-type galaxies 26-03-2010
R.F. Pizzo Tomography of Galaxy Clusters through Low-frequency Radio Polarimetry 19-02-2010
E. Kutdemir The Evolution of Spiral Galaxies in Clusters 05-02-2010
A. Popping Diffuse neutral hydrogen in the Local Universe 29-01-2010
C. Boersma Infrared emission features: probing the interstellar PAH population and circumstellar environment of Herbig Ae/Be stars 11-12-2009
E. Platen A void perspective of the Cosmic Web 13-11-2009
A. Berciano Alba Strong gravitational lensing in the radio domain 09-11-2009
A.F. Loenen Star formation and the ISM : interactions in the Milky Way and other galaxies 23-10-2009
A. Villalobos Simulations of the formation of thick discs in galaxies 25-05-2009
J.S. Heiner Large-scale photodissociation regions in nearby spiral galaxies 06-04-2009
M. Barnabe Combined gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics analysis of early type galaxies 27-03-2009
R.M. Thomas Cosmological Reionization Simulations for LOFAR 20-03-2009
G. Sikkema The Influence of the Environment on the Evolution of Galaxies 13-03-2009
Y.S. Li Local Group Galaxies in a Lambda CDM Universe 30-01-2009
J.W. Kooi Advanced receivers for submillimeter and far infrared astronomy 22-12-2008
P. Kamphuis The structure and kinematics of halos in disk galaxies 07-11-2008
C.W. Ormel The early stages of planet formation: how to grow from small to large 10-10-2008
P.A. Araya Melo Formation and evolution of galaxy clusters in cold dark matter cosmologies 19-05-2008
P. Serra Stars, neutral hydrogen and ionised gas in early-type galaxies 11-04-2008
W.F. Frieswijk Early stages of clustered star formation : massive dark clouds throughout the Galaxy 28-03-2008
K. Ganda Late-type spiral galaxies : kinematics and stellar populations in their inner regions 14-12-2007
M.A. Aragón Calvo Morphology and Dynamics of the Cosmic Web 16-11-2007
D.R. Poelman Emission characteristics of water in the universe 26-10-2007
N.M.A. Mohamed The Simulation of Cooling Flows in Clusters of Galaxies 07-09-2007
G. Battaglia Chemistry and kinematics of stars in Local Group galaxies 07-09-2007
M.A. Brentjens Radio polarimetry in 2.5D 29-07-2007
F.F.T. Christen OMEGACAM and Gravitational Lensing 27-04-2007
B. Letarte Chemical Analysis of the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy 30-03-2007
R. Boomsma The disk-halo connection in NGC 6946 and NGC 253 26-01-2007
W.E. Schaap DTFE: the Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimator 19-01-2007
K. Kovac Searching for the lowest mass galaxies: an HI perspective 19-01-2007
B.H.C. Emonts Nearby Radio Galaxies. The Interplay of gas, star formation and active nucleus 24-11-2006
E. Noordermeer The Distribution of Gas, Stars and Dark Matter in early-type disk galaxies 10-03-2006
A. Labiano Ortega Host Galaxies and Environments of Campact Extragalactic Radio Sources 24-02-2006
J.T.A. de Jong Microlensing in Andromeda 23-09-2005
B.W. Holwerda The opacity of spiral galaxy disks 17-06-2005
K. Fathi Morphology and Dynamics in the Inner Regions of Spiral Galaxies 17-12-2004
L.K. Hunt Building Galaxies: From Low-Metallicity Compact Dwarfs to Active Galactic Nuclei 15-10-2004
E. Romano-Díaz Probing Cosmic Velocity Flows in the Local Universe 08-10-2004
H.-R. Klöckner Extragalactic Hydroxyl 19-03-2004
S.M. Cazaux Grain surface chemistry in astrophysical objects 06-01-2004
M. Kregel Structure and kinematics of edge-on galaxy disks 17-11-2003
H.W.W. Spoon Mid-infrared spectroscopy of dusty galactic nuclei 20-10-2003
J. Bernard Salas Physics and chemistry of gas in planetary nebulae 30-09-2003
M.E. Filho Nuclear activity in nearby galaxies 09-05-2003
A. C. González-Garcia Elliptical galaxies: merger simulations and the fundamental plane 28-03-2003
M. Beijersbergen The galaxy population in the Coma cluster 06-01-2003
E. Peeters Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and dust in regions of massive star formation 13-12-2002
N.L. Martín-Hernández The galactic metallicity gradient 13-12-2002
R. Vermeij The physical structure of Magellanic Cloud H II regions 16-09-2002
I.M. van Bemmel Dust and gas in extra-galactic radio sources 06-05-2002
J.V. Keane Origin and evolution of ices around massive young stars 08-02-2002
I. García Ruiz Warps in disk galaxies 26-11-2001
D.Y.A. Setia Gunawan Colliding winds in Wolf-Rayet Binaries 05-06-2001
R.A. Jansen The Nearby Field Galaxy Survey: a spectrophotometric study of 196 galaxies in the local field 28-11-2000
M.A. Zwaan Atomic hydrogen in the local universe 16-10-2000
H. Hoekstra A weak lensing study of massive structures 22-09-2000
W. M. Lane HI 21cm absorbers at moderate redshifts 15-09-2000
J. Gerssen Stellar kinematics in disk galaxies 14-07-2000
L.V.E. Koopmans A study of radio-selected gravitational lenses 07-02-2000
R.A. Swaters Dark matter in late-type dwarf galaxies 15-10-1999
R. H. M. Schoenmakers Asymmetries in spiral galaxies 02-07-1999
W. H. de Vries Host galaxies of powerful extragalactic radio sources 25-06-1999
P.G. van Dokkum Formation and evolution of early-type galaxies 21-06-1999
A.C.A. Boogert The Interplay between Dust, Gas, Ice, and Protostars 05-03-1999
I. Andredakis Spheroidal components of spiral galaxies 19-12-1997
M.A.W. Verheijen The Ursa Major Cluster of Galaxies 28-11-1997
J.P.E. Gerritsen Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in galaxy Simulations 14-11-1997
R. de Grijs Edge-on Disk Galaxies 31-10-1997
W.J.G. de Blok The Properties and Evolution of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 26-09-1997
P.A.M. van Hoof Photo-Ionization Studies of Nebulae 19-09-1997
F.J. Sicking The Thickness of the HI Gas Layer in Spiral Galaxies 12-09-1997
M-H Rhee A Physical Basis of the Tully-Fisher Relation 19-04-1996
R.D. Oudmaijer Evolved stars with circumstellar shells 20-10-1995
G. Lemson Statistics and Dynamics of the Perturbed Universe 25-09-1995
K. Begeman HI rotation curves of spiral galaxies 04-12-1987

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