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# Prof.dr. I.E.E. (Inga) Kamp
Telephone +31 50 363 4070
Room 188
Address Landleven 12
9747 AD  Groningen, The Netherlands
Function Associate professor
Research Evolution of protoplanetary to debris disks:

- stationary circumstellar disk models
- gas and dust surface chemistry
- the formation of organic molecules up to amino-acids
- formation of planetary systems
- gas heating/cooling processes
- modeling spectral energy distributions (IR-excess)
- radiative transfer of circumstellar emission and absorption lines (e.g. [CII], CO, CaII K, HI)
- radio observations of e.g. HI in disks

Cool stars and the Sun, Lambda Bootis stars and Vega-type stars:

- stellar atmospheres
- high resolution spectroscopy
- spectrum synthesis
- non-LTE abundance analysis
- analysis of interstellar/circumstellar absorption lines
- molecule formation in the photosphere/chromosphere of the Sun
Teaching Quantum & Kosmos
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