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# dr. S. (Seyit) Hocuk
Telephone +31 50 363 4067
Room 282
Address Landleven 12
9747 AD  Groningen, The Netherlands
Function Postdoc
Research My research concerns the impact of dust and (extreme) environmental conditions to the formation of stars, with special attention on the Initial Mass Function (IMF). I do research on how the chemistry, such as molecule formation on dust grains and environmental effects, such as shockwaves, radiation (UV and X-rays), as well as magnetic fields, affect the IMF, as it must strongly influence the thermodynamic properties (i.e. equation of state) of the star forming gas cloud. Specifically in active star forming regions where the ambient conditions are very different then in our Milky Way. The apparent Universal shape of the IMF is yet unclear whether it also applies for active galaxies and perhaps it is very different then the Salpeter shape observed in our neighborhood.
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