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# Prof. dr. J.M. (Thijs) van der Hulst
Telephone +31 50 363 4054
Room 146
Address Landleven 12
9747 AD  Groningen, The Netherlands
Function Hoogleraar A
Research My interest is in galaxy evolution, in particular the role of the ISM as probed with the 21cm line of neutral atomic hydrogen using high resolution imaging with radio synthesis telescopes such as the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) in the Netherlands. The main questions of interest are: (i) how and when does the gas get converted into stars, (ii) what is the role of the environment, (iii) what fraction of the gas is removed through outflows caused by star formation and AGN, and (vi) can we trace the characteristics of the slow accretion of gas and its conversion into stars as a function of cosmic time. Soon the HI sky will be opened up by surveys with APERTIF, the new phased array feed system on the WSRT ( With colleagues from the Kapteyn Institute and ASTRON I am involved in preparing for tjhe science harvest of HI surveys with APERTIF. This work is supported by my ERC Advanced Grant.

Farther in the future the Square Kilometre Array ( will be the premier instrument to chart the HI in and around galaxies to much larger distances than yet possible. Because of my scientific interests I have been involved in the SKA project since 2000.
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