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# Prof. dr. F. (Filippo) Fraternali
Telephone +31 50 363 4055
Room 141
Address Landleven 12
9747 AD  Groningen, The Netherlands
Function Associate Professor
Research 1) Galactic dynamics: derivation of the kinematic parameters of galactic disks seen at different inclinations; study of rotations curves, non-circular motions, warps.
2) Gas dynamics and dark matter: reconstruction of galactic potentials and study of the distribution of luminous and dark matter in galaxies.
3) Extra-planar gas and High Velocity Clouds: study of the distribution and dynamics of gas in galactic halos.
4) Origin of the extra-planar gas: theoretical study (with numerical simulations) of the processes of stellar feedback and interactions with ambient gas; origin of the High Velocity Clouds.
5) Gas accretion and star formation: observational and theoretical study of the processes that cause the accretion of baryonic material from the intergalactic medium into galaxies.
Teaching Gas flows in Galaxies
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