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# Prof. dr. A.G. (Ger) de Bruyn
Telephone +31 50 363 4055
Room 141
Address Landleven 12
9747 AD  Groningen, The Netherlands
Function Hoogleraar A
Research Current scientific interests:

Interstellar scintillation and the local ISM - AGN, Pulsars, GRB's, (any) transients, ...
Galactic polarized synchrotron foreground
Active Galactic Nuclei: - nuclear variability - double-double radio galaxies and recurrent activity
Clusters of galaxies (diffuse emission)
High redshift HI: damped Ly-alpha absorbers
Epoch of Reionization (LOFAR)

I have also extensively worked on the following subjects in the past - had to stop for lack of time - and remain interested.
- Radio emission from young (extragalactic) SNR
- Optical spectrophotometric monitoring of Seyfert galaxies
- Radio gravitational lensing
- Surveys of the sky, e.g. WENSS/WISH/LOFAR-MSSS

And here are some technical interests:
- synthesis array calibration (WSRT, LOFAR, SKA)
- extreme dynamic range issues (>10^6:1)
- radio polarization methods (RM-synthesis)
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